Tribco’s perimeter barriers take safety to the next level

Why rent a barrier screen from a third party? Have Tribco’s scope include our proprietary screen system for high-quality protection expertly installed.


Tribco’s Barrier Lite perimeter protection is considered ideal for most urban projects.

Our country and city is growing. Urban living is often the desired lifestyle, allowing people convenient access to work, entertainment, shopping and residential areas. All of these desires drive the need for larger vertical spaces in dense communities.

Constructing tall structures is often a challenge in densely populated areas like Chicago. To keep our workers and passersby safe, Tribco and parent company Ceco Concrete* designed and fabricated a proprietary barrier screen to surround a project’s perimeter. Tribco’s Perimeter Barrier Screen Systems offer increased protection against perimeter falls and falling material exposure for all trades.

We offer two Barrier Screen Systems for different applications depending upon the project’s requirements. Both systems never leave the edge unprotected, even as they move up in sequence with pouring the floors. A variety of products can be attached to the barriers, including fine mesh or wind tarps.

Why use Tribco’s Barrier Screen Systems:

  • Protection against perimeter falls and falling material exposure for all trades.
  • High-quality screens installed by experienced labor.
  • Barrier Super is designed for fast cycles in addition to perimeter protection. It has two levels of built-in framing platforms designed to block the wind on the pouring level.

    Faster floor cycles without dependence on accelerated concrete strengths, cure times or post-tensioned stressing to remove perimeter shoring tables.

  • Reduced crane demand. Hoisting is off the critical path so lifting screens can be scheduled around other needs. Provides more hook time for other trades. The Barrier Lite is the fastest to hoist of any screen on the market, far less than perimeter tables or trusses.
  • Maintain natural light and visibility for added safety when trades are hoisting loads.
  • Deck formwork can start sooner and right to the edge of the screen work platforms, without waiting for an edge panel to be installed.
  • Provide a clean, professional appearance to the site and convey a commitment to safety. They also offer a branding surface opportunity for the general contractor, developer or owner.

Designed for safety:

  • Virtually eliminate falling items from three levels of the job most prone to this concern: Deck Framing Level, Formwork Recovery Level and 1st Reshoring Level.
  • Barriers are designed for full wind loading—including hurricanes.
  • Outriggers and stair towers are designed to be integral with the barriers and lifted with the system.
  • Reduced need for a cantilevered netting system below.
  • Panels can be flown directly from a truck onto the building and back onto the truck upon removal. Make-up and tear-down space is not needed.
  • Fully integrated to complement Tribco’s other formwork systems.

How do Tribco Perimeter Barriers benefit you?

  • Trades on several levels have the security of perimeter fall protection without the need to be restrained.
  • Eliminate danger from falling material or tools to areas below, including those on neighboring property.
  • The Tribco Barrier profile has limited projections beyond the building footprint.
  • Provide a wind break to enhance working conditions during cold or windy periods. They also assist in reducing drying shrinkage and cracking.
  • Our barriers are competitively priced and arrive with proven engineering and experienced crews to enhance our commitment to safety and performance. Using them eliminates third-party supplier concerns.

Watch this video on barrier screens and then contact us for more information!

*Tribco is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ceco Concrete Construction.