Oak Park Station

This is a two-building complex: The North Building consists of a retail-use single-story structure and a 4-story wood-framed residential structure. This building is linked via a steel-framed bridge to the South Building, which is cast-in-place concrete construction, 20 stories. This building is mixed-occupancy, which includes a small retail area on the ground-floor; a residential area with a lobby, leasing office suite and dock; storage and a 5-story public garage. The residential portion extends from floors 6 through 20. An amenity deck with pool is located on the 6th floor, above the parking garage.

1132 Westgate St., Oak Park, IL

Project Details

  • Project Owner:
    LMC Oak Park Holdings LLC
  • Contractor:
    Tishman Construction Corporation of Illinois
  • Architect:
    FitzGerald Associates Architects
  • Tribco Scope:
    Full Frame
  • Date Completed: