Belmont Village Senior Living – Lincoln Park

Flat-plate post-tensioned concrete slab structure and underground two-level parking garage.

700 W. Fullerton, Chicago

With more than 30 assisted-living and memory care facilities across the country, Belmont Village Senior Living helps residents lead engaging, purposeful lives. In 2018, Belmont Village expanded into Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Tribco provided the complete cast-in-place concrete frame for the seven-story structure. Scope of work included tower crane hoisting as well as supplying and installing 7,200 cubic yards of concrete, 400 tons of rebar and 137,000 pounds of post-tensioning cables. The formwork systems used were Doka Frami for walls and columns and the Ceco-owned HV forming system for decks.

The building is a flat-plate post-tensioned (PT) concrete slab structure with shear walls that is stacked on top of a two-level, mild steel-reinforced underground parking garage. Flat-plate PT slabs provide many advantages for mid-rise residential structures, such as speed of construction, reduced story heights and absence of beams for constructability. Additionally, the one-way mild steel-reinforced underground parking design eliminated the need for PT delay strips and tensioning block outs during construction.

Unique project features
Double-story underground parking garages require a high level of coordination. Due to logistical challenges, concrete pumping was not feasible. The Tribco crew used the tower crane and three-yard concrete buckets on every concrete deck pour. Tribco also leveraged BIM to coordinate design challenges, such as congested PT and embed conflicts, to ensure slab pours proceeded in a timely fashion.

The garage was excavated and braced with a sheet piling earth retention system reinforced with cross-lot braces. Tribco constructed the foundations and basement levels around the temporary earth retention system. Once the team reached grade, the bracing was removed while Tribco took the tower structure upward. The concrete structure below grade then acted as the earth retention diaphragm, supporting the perimeter earth underground.

Tribco started this project December 2017 and completed work August 2018.

Project Details

  • Contractor:
    W.E. O’Neil
  • Architect:
    Antunovich Associates
  • Structural Engineer:
    CS Associates
  • Gross Building Area:
    200,000 sf
  • Tribco Scope:
    Complete Concrete Frame
  • Date Completed: