Meet the Team: Enrique Aragon, Assistant Project Manager

The growth and development of Tribco employees often start with our summer internship program, where we get the chance not only to build up future industry professionals, but also to identify and groom promising talent. As was the case with Enrique Aragon, who completed a Tribco internship in 2016. He joined the company full time in May 2017, upon graduation from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Enrique has been a valuable member of our team for three years, currently serving as Assistant Project Manager II. Here are 10 questions to get to know him:

1. What do you like most about working for Tribco? I enjoy knowing all our employees, both at the office and in the field. Working as a team to find solutions for issues that arise during construction is very satisfying. I originally chose a summer internship with Tribco because it offered field exposure, which was a big bonus. I decided to stay with Tribco, after graduating from UIUC, because of the great experience I gained from that internship.

2. What’s your day-to-day look like? Checking in with the project team daily to ensure they have what they need for upcoming tasks. In addition, there are often new drawing change reviews and subsequent pricing, tracking and forecasting of costs, and regular updating of the schedule while tracking existing performance.

3. What’s the one lesson you’ve learned in this industry that’s stuck with you? Always reach out for help when you are unsure. Many of my co-workers here at Tribco and at our parent company, Ceco, are happy to serve as resources when help or advice is needed.

4. What project are you on now? 320 N Sangamon, a 13-story office building in the Fulton Market neighborhood. It’s an exciting project!

5. What’s your most memorable project? Ballpark Village Garage and Hotel in St Louis. It was my first project in a different market. I was fortunate to experience how other Ceco offices and projects operate.

6. What’s the best part of your job? Tribco provides me the opportunity to begin a new project or take on a new role at least once a year. There’s so much to learn. It’s great!

7. How did you get started in the industry? During my sophomore year of college, I completed an internship with a public works department. While I met great people and learned a lot, I realized I did not want to pursue a career in transportation construction. The next summer, I interned with Tribco and found how much I really enjoyed helping out on a 20-story apartment building in Lakeview.

8. What advice can you give to someone looking into starting their career in construction? Look for an opportunity that offers experience in the field. So much can be learned from being onsite and observing how the field team performs.

9. What’s your favorite food? Tacos de carne asada!

10. What is one of your hobbies that not many people know about? It’s more of a guilty pleasure, but I enjoy attending professional wrestling events with friends. I went to WrestleMania last year with my brother, and I’m planning to go to another one soon.